This calibration list covers our scope of activities^ for mechanical measuring instruments. If you wish to calibrate an equipment which is not listed here or the range exceeds the stated value, please do not hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.





  Weighing Scale

Up to 1000 kg

  Hand Torque Tool / Torque Wrench

Up to 1000 Nm

  Torque Meter / Torque Gauge

Up to 1000 Nm

  Push / Pull Gauge

Up to 5000 N

  Hardness Tester Machine  (Indirect method only) 

Rockwell A, B, C


Force verification only

  Pressure Gauge / Vacuum Gauge

Up to 2700 Bar

  Flow Meter

Up to 500 LPM

  Tensile Testing Machine

Up to 250 kN

  Load Cell

Up to 250 kN

  Tension Gauge

Up to 150 kg

  Standard Weights

1 mg to 20000 g

  Tachometer / RPM Meter
  (Non-contact / Contact Type)

0 - 99999 rpm


   Item/Range may fall under either of the accreditation schemes.


  ^Some of the activities and range may not be accredited.