Product line that provides instantaneous inventory and asset management. With the smart technology of Industry 4.0, we ensure the safety of your inventory.

KeepTrak Features

1. Real-time visibility We use real-time visibility technology to secure the inventory you hold.
2. Analytics and Integration We analyze and integrate data to give you a comprehensive picture of your inventory.
3. AI-powered insights We use AI-powered insights to analyse, predict, and automate. To enhance efficiency and reliability
4. RFID Tracking We use RFID technology to track products smoothly and accurately.
5. Seamless integration. Our platform has flexible features. and flexible to fit your storage needs.
6. Flexible access system Alert functions can be configured within the system to alert instances such as insulated product inspections or UNR returns.
7. Comprehensive logging of tool and user usage. Logs that collect tool and user usage data for analysis and tracking purposes.
8. Optimization for security. Customizable login and security options are available to suit customer needs.

**Additional benefits of using KeepTrak**

   Increase efficiency in managing your warehouse efficiently
   Simplify product security
   Track production lines to increase production efficiency and save costs.

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