Precision measuring instruments are crucial in industries like automotive, electronics, and machinery manufacturing. Ming Deng Metrology Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides calibration and repair services for various measuring instruments to ensure smooth and efficient production for clients.



Types of Measuring Instruments

  • Measures thickness or diameter with high precision.
  • Calibration ensures maximum accuracy.


  • Measures internal and external dimensions and depth.
  • Calibration ensures correct measurement.

3.Gauge Block

  •  Standard for inspecting and calibrating other tools.
  • Calibration maintains accuracy standards.

4.Thickness Gauge

  • Measures the thickness of materials like metal and plastic.
  • Calibration ensures efficient production.




Calibration Services

Ming Deng offers on-site and off-site calibration services using modern technology and international standards. The team is skilled in using and calibrating various instruments, ensuring clients’ tools work accurately.



Calibration Process

1.Initial Inspection

  • Assess current condition and calibration needs.
  • Evaluate accuracy and deviations.


  • Use standard tools to achieve correct values.
  • Record measurements and deviations for accuracy improvement.

3.Post-Calibration Inspection

  • Verify accuracy after calibration.
  • Provide calibration reports for tracking.



Benefits of Calibration
1.Enhanced Production Accuracy

  • Reduce measurement and production errors.
  • Improve product quality.

2.Cost Reduction

  • Minimize material and time waste from measurement errors.
  • Increase efficiency in tool use.

3.Customer Satisfaction

  • High-quality, accurate products boost customer confidence.
  • Build trust in the brand and services.


Using correctly calibrated measuring instruments is essential for all industries. Ming Deng Metrology Servic. is committed to providing high-quality calibration and repair services, enabling clients to produce efficiently and maintain high product quality.